HVAC Zone System

HVAC Zone System- Comfort is Key

Most homeowners can agree—comfort in one’s home is dictated by the temperature. Cold homes in the winter are frowned upon, while cold homes in the summer are requested. An inefficient HVAC system, or a house divided over the thermostat, can benefit from an HVAC zone system. Do you ever wish upstairs could be on a different setting or temperature than the downstairs or the basement? Have kids that love sleeping in the cold, while you love a warm bedroom? A zoning system may be your solution—it can create zones in the house that are controlled separately to heat or cool the house to your desire.

Zoning Installation

To turn your system into zones, D McKeon Heating and Air can provide a free in-home quote to recommend what is best for your home and budget. Since every home is different, the prices for zoning will vary. The installation will include a main zoning panel that receives signals from the thermostats of each zone, one thermostat for each zone, and zone dampers in your ductwork that controls their airflow based on the thermostat readings. These pieces of equipment allow the customer to choose the location of each zone, and the number of zones to be installed. D McKeon technicians are experienced with all types of HVAC systems and zone installations. They can provide insight on the best area for zones and the most important features to consider. When installing the zones, you may consider:

  • Natural sunlight
  • Rooms with cooking or heating appliances
  • Available shade
  • Ceiling height
  • Level of the home

One of the best things about installing an HVAC zone system is how customizable it is to each customer. You tell us what you need, and which rooms matter more, and we can help make a personalized floor plan!

Added Benefits of Zoning

Besides allowing customizable, differential temperatures throughout your home, installing zones can benefit your home and system in a few other ways.

  • Energy Savings—your home is more energy efficient with more control over the thermostat. You can make unused rooms warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter to minimize the energy used to cool or heat those rooms. This saves you money on your power bills and makes your system’s job easier!
  • HVAC System Lifespan—by minimizing energy use and directing the use of the system, your system doesn’t work as hard and may last you many more years. Overuse of a system is the first reason why a system may not last as long as expected.
  • Convenience—you can now control your airflow and temperature remotely, rather than manually shutting vents and trying to save energy that way. Shutting vents only decreases airflow which is harmful to the system.
  • Clean Indoor Air—with outdated and old systems, indoor air quality is worse than the air outside. Even with newer systems, maintenance is required to ensure that the air inside is acceptable and safe to breathe. Adding a zoning system prevents any contaminants or pollutants from traveling throughout the home. Keep your allergy-prone family members healthy by eliminating the spread of dust and pollens. The zoning equipment allows for better control within the ductwork, which leads to better ventilation and filtering of the air.
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