What Are The Benefits Of A Heating And Air Maintenance Agreement?

Heating and Air Maintenance Agreement Benefits

D. McKeon Heating & Air encourages all our clients to enter into a routine maintenance agreement with us. To keep your heating and cooling system running better, for longer, you should have your system serviced twice per year. Before summer and winter sets in, it’s imperative to have maintenance performed. Routine maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your HVAC, hands-down.

Discounts and Savings on all your HVAC needs

D. McKeon Heating & Air’s maintenance agreements provide homeowners with a discount on their routine inspections. In addition, our packages include discounts on repairs and future services. Other than offering discounts on parts and services, our maintenance packages include these 5 benefits:

Timely reminders. Our busiest time of year is right before summer and winter – our schedule books up quickly. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, we’ll remind you to schedule your maintenance appointment in advance. This will make sure you get on our schedule ahead of time and your system remains in tip-top shape.

Priority service calls. Another benefit of signing a maintenance agreement is that you’ll receive priority services over other clients. You’ll effectively be first in line if you ever need emergency repairs or services.

Accessible documentation. If you need to make an HVAC warranty claim or plan to sell your home, you’ll need HVAC service documentation. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, we’ll keep that documentation for you, in a secure place.

Extended HVAC lifespan. By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you can make it last up to 50% longer. Routine maintenance can help you avoid major outages and costly repairs.

Discounts on parts and services. All our maintenance agreement clients appreciate the additional savings that is included with their maintenance packages. Some of our money-saving discounts include reduced fees for parts and future services.

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