This is a great topic to talk about….HVAC Zoning.

So many people have uneven heating and cooling in different parts of their house that are cold or hot depending on what season it is.

Most people don’t know there are easy solutions for controlling this uneven and uncomfortable temperatures in different parts of your house.

Personal example of WHY HVAC ZONING WORKS

My house has 3 HVAC systems:

  1. 1st system is for the great room open concept with kitchen, dining room, living room and the den
  2. 2nd system is for the Bedroom area.
  3. 3rd system is for the basement area.

You would think that this is a great example of Zoning.

It is when you’re zoning with systems, but sometimes the individual HVAC system might also need a ZONE DAMPER SYSTEM. We still had a problem controlling the temperature in the great room open concept with kitchen, dining room, living room and the den area being a separate room.

This is where it gets interesting. In the summer my wife, Laurie, wants the temperature warmer in the area she spends most of her time in which is the Great room open concept with kitchen, dining room, living room. But in my area the den, I like the temperature about 5 degrees cooler than she does.

The issue was the thermostat was located in the great room!!!

Since the thermostat controls the temperature, wherever the thermostat is located that will be the temperature for that system no matter what room you are in.

Now you know the facts.

So, here is my personal experience why zoning is a great and easy solution.

Laurie, in the summertime, would set the temperature to 78degrees. I would be uncomfortable in the den because the thermostat was located in the Great room area. So, I would do like any husband would do and go to the thermostat and change the temperature to a more comfortable setting of 74 degrees. After 20 minutes, I’m feeling more comfortable, and in 40 minutes I’m getting hot again. I got up and check the thermostat and it is set back to 78 degrees. I asked Laurie “did you change the temperature on the thermostat?” Her answer was, “Yes of course, the temperature was too cold and I was uncomfortable”. Then, I would change the temperature back down to 74 degrees and she would change it back up to 78 degrees. This went on for 2 years. I finally gave in to Laurie and told her that she has won the battle of the thermostat.

Now, everybody knows us guys don’t like to lose. So, I put in a zoning system!

This enabled her to have a thermostat in her area and me to have a thermostat in my area. Doing this let us individually control the temperature in our area and then both of us were comfortable with no more arguments disagreements.

 I go back to what I said earlier “ZONING IS AN EASY SOLUTION”.

The cost is not that much, especially if you factor in a happy wife!

Dennis McKeon Sr.


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