Choosing the right Air Filter for your HVAC system

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When purchasing a new air filter for your HVAC system there are lots of different types and efficiencies to consider. Although most people decide to replace their filters once or twice a year, some folks with allergies and dusty homes elect to replace theirs on a quarterly basis.

What is a MERV rating?

All filters are rated in MERV, the higher the rating the better the filter. The MERV rating is the HVAC industry standard for air filtration. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value [or MERV for short]; this rating is given regardless of the type of filter 1”, 2”, 4” or 5” in your HVAC system or the physical size [10×10 up to 25×25]. Cost of the filter varies, depending on the brand and size of filter and its MERV rating.

How can we help you choose the correct filter for your needs?

The filters that D. McKeon Heating and Air provides for our customers vary depending on each customer’s residence/business. Our standard 1” replacement filters have a MERV rating of 8 which is the highest rated 1” pleated filter and has a DSE rating of 30-35% [Dust Spot Efficiency]. This is a highly rated residential, light commercial filter and should be used in all applications when possible and is also cost effective.

The higher efficiency filters are the best for lots of reasons; clean air being number one, but it goes even further when you combine clean air with your HVAC systems operational effectiveness and longevity. A cleanly operating system saves money on actual operating cost, but also on untimely repairs due to dirty blower and wheel, dirty evaporator coil [diminished capacity and dehumidification].

We install/offer MERV 13 air filtration on all of our systems. This is a filtration system that can be found in Hospitals and Laboratories. MERV 13 filtration has DSE rating of 90-95% and is considered the highest rated Residential /light commercial filtration due to operational issues associated with the higher MERV rated filters. There is a lot of science in choosing the right air filter for your application. But at D. McKeon Heating and Air we have the answers to all of your air filtration and air purification needs.

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