Choosing a Furnace for your Home or Business

Furnace Replacement Kennesaw GA – Choosing A Furnace

With an average life of around 20 years; your furnace will be one of the most long-term equipment investments in your home or business.  Choosing a new furnace? There are several important things to understand and consider:

  • Efficiency.  How efficiently a furnace converts gas into heating energy is reflected in its AFUE rating .(Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). The higher the percentage, the more heat the furnace can extract from each therm of gas. Also the lower the environmental impact of its emissons.  Furnaces have generally become more efficient over the years. A typical gas furnace made in the 1980’s has an AFUE of 65% with proper maintenance. Today, the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 80%. The most efficient models have an AFUE of about 98% or near total efficiency. Most furnaces with an AFUE over 90% are quite expensive. They are more economical in regions where the winters are especially harsh as in the northeast and Midwest.
  • Features. Here in the Atlanta market the most asked questions about furnaces revolve around variable speed blowers with multiple stages of gas heat, as these units can deliver air more slowly (and often more quietly) when less heat is needed. Heat can then be delivered more continuously, with fewer drafts or uncomfortable swings in temperatures and airflow. Multiple stages of heat (available on most variable speed furnaces) is a feature that can further increase efficiency and comfort by automatically varying the amount of heat the furnace delivers, usually between two stages. The furnace can then deliver more heat continuously than a fixed heat (single stage) output unit. Most of these furnaces also have more generous warranties compared to their base model units.

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