Air Conditioner Repair Advice

Air Conditioner Repair

An air conditioner is a device used to alter the properties of air to more
comfortable conditions so as to improve indoor air quality and thermal
comfort. An air conditioner is very important in summer time when
temperatures are unbearable in Kennesaw, GA. If you are looking for an air
conditioner repair in Kennesaw, GA look no further than D. McKeon Heating and Air.

The following are common problems with the central HVAC systems.

· The unit refuses to turn off or cycles frequently.

Rapid cycling could be as a result of the air conditioner blowing cool air
directly into a thermostat. If your air conditioner is improperly sized
and it’s too large for your room, it will cycle on off frequently. The air
conditioner could also be too small, the inside units turn off while the
outside fun continuous to run. If your conditioner is switched off and it
continuous running, stop the power from flowing by turning off the circuit

· The unit blows warm air.

Dirty filters can lead the air conditioner to blow warm air. The cold air
produced by the system cannot flow through the ductwork. Ensure that the
outside units are running and if on ensure that debris and leaves do not
obstruct the airflow. Air conditioner blowing warm air could be an
indicator of insufficient refrigerant.

· Clogged condensation line.

These could be as a result of insects building up their nests on the
condensation line. You can blow compressed air inside the pipe if there is
water visible in the pan. A solution containing 50-50 ratio of water and
bleach helps remove mildew and mold though these process may require a

· Frozen AC unit.

These could be as a result of improper airflow, a faulty control and
malfunction of the blower fan. Change the air filters and clear away
the debris. Electrical replacements require a technician.

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Regular professional Air conditioning system maintenance and repair can
prevent HVAC Performance issues. D. McKeon’s team of Expert can perform
seasonal tune-ups on your system. This prevents small air conditioning
problems from becoming a major repair expense. Contact us for your
service, maintenance, or repair appointment.