Leaking Air Conditioner

Leaking Air Conditioner

A leaking air conditioner can be pretty frustrating and confusing. The dehumidifying process of an air conditioner can often cause condensation. That’s normal; but when pools of water forms on the leaking air conditioner you start asking yourself why and what is the problem.

Several factors can cause your air conditioner to leak. Most of the times you can control the leaking if you look at the equipment and run a few tests. However it is advisable that you consult D McKeon Heating and Air in Kennesaw, GA in order to ensure proper repair.

The following are the factor that can cause your AC to leak:

THE PUMP IS BROKEN. If your AC is leaking, the pump may be broken; you can confirm this by pouring water in the condenser pan to check if it can properly pump the excess. If it can’t, ensure you check the power to the pump. If the power is okay, it is most likely that the motor or the condenser is not alright. Consult a technician in order to determine the specific source of the problem.

THE AC IS IMPROPERLY INSTALLED: If an air conditioner is not properly installed then they can leak water. If it’s not at level or there is too much pressure water may start leaking. Ensure that the AC is at level and if that is not the source of the problem. Check for any closed vents as the pressure may sometime cause leakage.

THE DRAIN HOLE IS PROBABLY BLOCKED: The drain hole on your system sometimes can be blocked. If water is leaking, check the tubing to verify whether it’s the one that is causing the leaking, clear anything that is causing the blockage and this will allow water to properly exit the condenser.

THE AC HAS AN AIR LEAKAGE: If the seals on the AC are not tight, excess warm air can find its way through the unit and this causes the moisture from the air condense when due to the cold air on the inside of the condenser and this can cause the AC to leak water.


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