Why cleaning your HVAC ducts is important

Keep your HVAC ducts clean

Although HVAC duct cleaning is very important, many people usually overlook this process. In fact many people usually take action when they realize that their HVAC duct is completely clogged. They also notice when it is affecting the normal functioning of the unit. The main function of HVAC ducts is to deliver and remove air. They ensure that there is constant flow of air. Cleaning the HVAC ducts on a regular basis is very important for normal functioning of your air conditioning unit.

How to know if your HVAC duct needs to be cleaned:

  • If it is full of clogged dust, debris or any other noticeable particle coming out from the ducts
  • Visible mold on the inside surface of the duct
  • Rodent dropping as well as dead insects come form the duct

Reasons why clean ducts are important

  1. It makes your HVAC unit more efficient.
    • One main benefit of having clean HVAC ducts is improved efficiency. When the ducts are well cleaned, the flow of air will greatly improve. This means that you will have better air quality.
  2. It lowers your energy costs.
    • Are you wondering why your energy bills has drastically gone up? If yes, then the reason may be as result of an inefficient HVAC unit or clogged ductwork.  An HVAC duct that is full of dust and also debris will force the system to use more power. It does so in order to ensure that air flows in and out of the system. As a result your energy bill will go up; because your HVAC system is using more effort to ensure that you get the desired temperature in your house. However, if your HVAC ducts are well cleaned; the system will have an easy time in ensuring that there is free air flow, a factor that will lower your energy bills.
  3. It reduces the cost of repair and maintenance.
    • Do you that know your HVAC is more likely to suffer from mechanical breakdown if dust and debris have accumulated in your ducts and are not cleaned? By keeping the ducts clean, you will make the system more efficient, a factor that will drastically reduce the cost of maintenance and repair.
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