The Benefits Of A Bryant Packaged Heating And Cooling System

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As all too many homeowners known, upgrading a residential HVAC system can cost a good amount of money. Yet what people often fail to realize is that it is possible to enjoy significant savings, as well as a more efficient system, by investing in a Bryant packaged heating and cooling system. If you would like to learn more about this highly attractive option, read on. We are your local choice for a packaged heating and cooling system.

This article will discuss three key benefits presented by a Bryant Gas Heat/Electric Cooling packaged unit.  This may show you an alternative option for the standard heating and cooling system.

Powerful And Efficient

A packaged heating and cooling system from Bryant is essentially a gas furnace and air conditioner rolled into one. The unit is generally installed outside of the home, much like an air conditioning condenser unit. The electric cooling system is capable of providing comfort with a high degree of efficiency–up to a great 12.5 EER, in fact.

The gas heating is no less impressive where both power and efficiency are concerned. The Bryant model 577E boasts an AFUE (short for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of as much as 81%. Such a high AFUE will help to keep your heating costs as low as possible during frigid winter months.

Electronic Blower System

Both heated and cooled air are delivered to your home by means of an electronically controlled blower system. Highly sensitive thermostats are wired into the thermostat in your home., therefore the moment a heating or cooling temperature threshold is reached, this information will be instantaneously transmitted to the Bryant unit. As a result, you will never find yourself waiting irritably for your furnace or air conditioner to come on–or having to deal with a unit that continues running long after it should have stopped.

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