The Latest In HVAC Comfort & Convenience: Bryant Evolution Connex Control System

If you strive to surround yourself with the latest technology and the comfort and convenience it provides, then don’t miss out on the Bryant Evolution Connex Control System.

Connex Control

More Than Convenience: It’s nice to have control at the touch of a fingertip from anywhere within the home. But, even better, the intelligent design of this control system improves energy efficiency and offers some amazing comfort control features.

  • 5-day weather forecast feature let’s you plan for whatever kind of weather is on the way. That way the system works automatically while you sleep or are away.
  • Perfect Heat® technology creates consistent comfort by minimizing temperature fluctuations.
  • Perfect Humidity® technology optimizes cooling.
  • This smart control system is compatible with HVAC add-ons like humidifiers, ventilators, and also air purifiers.
  • 7-day lifestyle programming means when you wake, arrive home, or are ready to leave for work and school, your homes HVAC system is adjusting to your lifestyle variables automatically.
  • Intelligently designed to automatically switch to heating or cooling as needed.
  • 8 zone capability to measure different air flows, adjusting automatically.

HVAC Service Experts

The Extras: Sometimes, it’s the extras that sweeten the pot and set one product apart from all others. For families living in areas where winters are extreme, the Bryant Evolution Connex Control System seems to have thought of everything. It has a window protection feature that eliminates the build-up of frost when the control system is connected to a humidifier. The illuminated touch screen can also be customized. Upload your family’s favorite image to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the control unit display. And if the power goes out, no worries. It’s got battery back-up.

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