Cooler Weather Means Watch Out for Dangerous Levels of Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that kills more than 500 Americans each year. Known as the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide poisoning reports increase in the fall and winter as people fire up their furnaces without having them properly inspected and maintained. In fact, Georgia state law requires all new homes built in the state to have smoke detectors. More information can be found in this article “Georgia Becomes 16th State to Implement Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements.” We are your local choice to help with carbon monoxide levels.

Carbon Monoxide Levels

It is also imperative that households with older HVAC systems have a reliable carbon monoxide detector, as they can be more susceptible to flaws that cause dangerous emissions. We recommend a thorough furnace inspection before cold weather sets in and make sure you have a good detector. A Bryant Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm offers the following:

  • Monitors CO levels in home
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Peak level button displays the highest CO level recorded since alarm was last reset
  • Protection provided during a power outage by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Plugs into any standard electrical outlet
  • 7-year limited warranty

Several products on the market are detectors and feature flashing lights when levels are too high. However, the Bryant Preferred™ Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a true alarm, sounding an audible warning when it detects particulates at the following levels:

70 ppm, unit must alarm within 60-240 minutes

150 ppm, unit must alarm within 10-50 minutes

400 ppm, unit must alarm within 4-15 minutes

Help With Carbon Monoxide Levels

At D McKeon Heating and Air, we carry the Bryant CO alarm and would be happy to bring one to your home and prepare your furnace for the coming colder weather. Contact us today for an appointment. Call today!