Troubleshooting Tips For Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning System Troubleshooting for Spring

Leaves have started sprouting on the bare branches. Animals have started coming out from their winter hideouts. The sun suddenly feels warmer and the chill in the air is almost gone. Spring is around and summer cannot be too far away. With the onset of summer, the sun’s rays will beat down even more fiercely and you will long for the cool comforts of an air conditioned interior. To ensure that your home does not fail you, ensue that the air conditioning systems are in top notch working order by troubleshooting any issues. And if they are not, contact D McKeon Heating and Air company at the earliest. We are your local air conditioning system choice.

Air Conditioning System Problems

The air conditioning system can develop a variety of problems. Some of these can be easily fixed by the householder himself while others merit intervention by a professional with the requisite expertise and experience. Here’s a few basic air conditioning troubleshooting tips to help ensure your unit’s full functionality.

– The air conditioning system is unable to cool adequately. This is a common enough complaint leveled against these electrical cooling appliances. Sometimes this is accompanied by abnormal noises and more than the normal amount of precipitation. Check the filter and replace if it is dirty. In some cases, this will do the trick and the appliance will be back to its former working self.
But if the problem persists, call a professional immediately; there may be deep-seated causes at the root and if neglected, they may blow up to crippling proportions and cause the entire unit to break down.

Other AC Problems

– The air conditioning system is operating but with a wailing sound. If ignored, the sound may increase to deafening volumes and ultimately cause the unit to break down. Generally a dislodged fan belt or creaky bearings inside the motor crying out for an oiling are the probable suspects. But if you are not confident yourself, do not tinker with the internal workings of the unit; you may unknowingly cause more damage than good. Instead enlist the services of a professional repair personnel; he will not only fix this specific problem but may also detect other minor snags and prevent them from worsening.

– The air conditioning unit is leaking water. This is an issue for grave concern since ineffective condensation can in turn, lead to greater water damage and problems of mold and mildew. A rusty condensation pan or blockages in the drain are usually behind this problem and once the exact cause is determined, the repair professional can fix it.

-If the motor is running but no air is apparent, remove and access panel and inspect the blades. Grab a clean cloth and remove any excess dirt that you may find on the blades, ensuring that the fan can rotate properly. If you find that the blades are stiff or damaged, make sure to contact an air conditioning professional technician immediately. If you find that the fan is functioning
properly, the issue may lie with the compressor…also resulting in professional assistance.

HVAC Services

The best way to ensure that the air conditioner is in top-notch working condition always is to go in for regular maintenance.  Contact D McKeon today to discuss having your air conditioner maintained before the summer heat gets here! Call today!