Professional HVAC Duct Sealing Services

Kennesaw Duct Sealing

Houses with controlled cooling and heat systems use ducts to distribute conditioned air. In most houses, 20 to 35 percent of the air that circulates through the duct system is lost due to holes, leaks and wrongly connected ducts. This results in higher energy bills and an inability to keep the home comfortable cool or warm regardless of how the thermostat is set. Another key reason why ducts should always remain sealed is that the air leaking will cause allergies. It is important that all leaks on HVAC air ducts should remain sealed especially before the onset of the allergy season.

It is important to frequently do an analysis of the physical condition of the air ducts and other related factors. When doing this analysis, these are the critical signs to look out for:
– Do you always get higher energy bills during summer and winter?
– There are rooms that are impossible or difficult to cool or heat.
– There are some rooms that stuffy and uncomfortable to stay in.
– Air ducts in your home are located in the garage, crawlspace and attic.
– You always find kinked or tangled flexible ducts.

A sealed and well designed duct system will make your home comfortable, safer and energy efficient.

Benefits of duct sealing

Comfort: Insulating and sealing ducts solve common comfort challenges like rooms that are too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

Quality indoor air. Sealing air ducts improve the quality of indoor air by reducing the risk of harmful pollutants accessing the duct system and circulating throughout your home. These pollutants like garden and household chemicals, dust and insulating particles will aggravate allergy problems and asthma.

Energy efficiency. Sealing ducts make your home more energy efficient and will automatically lower your energy bills. This will also help to correctly and uniformly circulate air throughout your home.

To properly seal your HVAC air ducts, you need the services of a professional HVAC installation and repair company. Contact D McKeon today to have your ducts properly installed and repaired.