Saving Energy!

Saving energy and money during the Winter months!

Residents of Kennesaw, GA have had problems with is saving energy with their heating systems. Many articles are
available online explaining how to save energy with heating systems too. However, as the saying goes, the solutions to most complex problems are the simplest to find. In this post, we are going to look at non-rocket science,
efficient and practical energy saving tips with heating systems.

Clean or replace the furnace heaters regularly. It makes the heating system to run efficiently hence saves energy and produce quality indoor air.

Inspect any air leakages on the ductwork regularly. Use a tape to seal them in case of any. Use weather stripping on
window movable parts and caulk for fixed parts.

Turn off kitchen and bath ventilation immediately they are not in use, they suck out a lot of house heat when they
run for long.

For proper circulation, keep heat suppliers and cool air inlets away from furniture and obstacle for proper air circulation.

Turn down the thermostat when away for longer than 5 hours and during the night. However, ensure they are not completely off for the pipes may freeze.

Vacuum the radiator surfaces on regular basis. Dust inhibits smooth heat flow.

Keep your shades and drapes open during the day and closed all night. It helps bring in sunshine, which keeps the house warm during the night.

All heat emitting electrical appliances should be kept distant from the thermostat to avoid shutting it off or frequent
restarting. Restarting thermostats consume a lot of energy during the process.

Shut the garage door during winters.

Dress in closely woven fabric to retain most of the body heat. It will help you feel warmer and can turn down the thermostat.

Turn low the thermostat when guests are about to arrive, their body heat can help warm up a house.

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