HVAC Humidifier

HVAC Humidifier

In order to enjoy the benefits that come with having the best possible air quality in your home, an important addition to your HVAC System would be a humidifier. Having warm air on those cold days and nights in Kennesaw, Georgia, is not the only importance of having a functional HVAC System. In addition to providing hear, the furnace also plays a key role in circulation of healthy air in your home. If the humidity levels in the home are off balance, it can literally make you sick. Also, a humidifier added to your HVAC System can help to actually conserve energy. We are your local HVAC humidifier choice.

HVAC Humidifier Benefits

PROBLEMS- A low humidity level in the winter will make it more difficult to feel warm, which will then force you to turn up the heat. Obviously, continuing to turn up the heat will mean your furnace is having to use more energy. The low humidity level also will end up costing more money on your utility bills.
Lower humidity tends to negatively affect health, as well. Low humidity contributes to issues with sinuses. Low humidity is also the cause of colds and other respiratory issues. The moist air also eventually creates problems with mold growth. It is linked to causing bacteria and viruses.

If the humidity level is too high, then you are going to experience static electricity. The static electricity can cause problems with electronics in your home, like computers, televisions, appliances, etc. Damage resulting from the static can be quite costly to fix and replace. Issues stemming from a low humidity level can include wallpaper falling off the walls and plants in the home to die off.

BENEFITS- A balanced level of humidity in a home can help to save your heard earned money, as your heating/cooling bills will be lower. With a humidifier, your HVAC System helps to keep respiratory, sinus, mold, bacterias and virus problems at bay. In the Kennesaw, Georgia area, anything helping to save money and promote better health is always a good thing!  Contact D McKeon today to discuss having a humidifier installed in your home.

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