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This Comfort & Indoor Air Quality Survey will determine if your Family’s indoor comfort living environment is safe, healthy and comfortable.

Health & Clean Air Issues      Indoor Comfort & Utility Bills Issues

Does anyone in your home……get frequent headaches, flu-like symptoms or feel tired all the time?__ Yes           ___  NoDo you have any rooms that are too hot or stuffy in the summer, or too cold and drafty in the winter?__ Yes           ___  No
…Have asthma, or allergies to dust, pollen or molds?__ Yes           ___  NoDoes your system ever run non-stop but still not keep you comfortable?__ Yes           ___  No
Does your house ever smell musty or unpleasant?__ Yes           ___  NoIf you have a heat pump, does it ever seem to blow cool air in the winter?__ Yes           ___  No
Does your furniture seem to get dusty within a few days after house cleaning?__ Yes           ___  NoApproximately what are your average total monthly utility bills (e.g. gas & electricity)?$___________________________

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We have the scientific tools (developed by the Department of Energy, and used by NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the EPA), and the building science knowledge to solve your indoor air quality problems.

Would you like to determine the causes of any of the above common problems, and whether there are any economical solutions (including do-it-yourself repairs)?                 Yes            No

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If you checked Yes, you need a “Whole House Health & Comfort Check-up”.  Call today so D McKeon can scientifically pinpoint your problem areas. Call our highly qualified team today!