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Is an Air Purifier right for your home?

Air Purifier Filtration System –Kennesaw, GA It’s June in Kennesaw, Georgia. That means that Father’s Day is just around the corner; do you know what you are getting your dad? D. McKeon Heating and Air has a solution for you with a Bryant Evolution air purifier system. D. McKeon Heating and Air is your Bryant […]

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Importance of Air Purification

Air Purification Installation –Kennesaw The leprechaun has been spotted in Kennesaw, Georgia and he is covered in a yellow! That’s right pollen season is here and therefore if you are having difficulty breathing we have a solution with a Bryant Air Purification system. We are D. McKeon Heating and Air, your Kennesaw hometown heating and […]

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Choosing the right Air Filter for your HVAC system

Kennesaw Air Filters When purchasing a new air filter for your HVAC system there are lots of different types and efficiencies to consider. Although most people decide to replace their filters once or twice a year, some folks with allergies and dusty homes elect to replace theirs on a quarterly basis. What is a MERV rating? All […]

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Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality –Kennesaw, GA There are so many things to do in Kennesaw Georgia during the summer, after you are doing them go inside take a deep breath and cool off. But, did you know that the indoor air can be dangerous and unhealthy? Did you know that it can be just as bad […]

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What HEPA Means for Clean Air Purifiers

If you’re searching for another clean air purifier for you’re home, odds are you’ve gone over the term HEPA. HEPA remains for high-effectiveness particulate alludes to an air channel that uses a mat of organized strands to sift through unsafe toxins. The HEPA assignment is connected deliberately to filters. A channel must achieve certain effectiveness […]

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Controlling Humidity with HVAC

Why a dehumidifier? Besides being overbearingly uncomfortable, humidity in a home presents a number of challenges. Humidity is the presence of water vapor in the air. This is often common during the hot Georgia summer or on a hot day. While having a humid house for a day or two has no real consequence, experiencing […]

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Get Relief Now before Fall Allergies Ramp Up

Kennesaw Indoor Air Quality Solutions It’s approaching fall, and the blooms of summer are beginning to fade. Here are some tips to get ready before the Fall Season sets in. Allergy Management Tips Tips to manage your symptoms: 1. Stay indoors with the windows closed when pollen is at its peak [usually in the morning] 2. […]

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Importance of Duct Cleaning

Why is duct cleaning important? During the spring season, most people have experienced various problems because their houses or offices have polluted air ducts. The environment we live or work in needs to be clean so that we don’t end up falling sick. When we get an air conditioner installed in our houses or offices, […]

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Why cleaning your HVAC ducts is important

Keep your HVAC ducts clean Although HVAC duct cleaning is very important, many people usually overlook this process. In fact many people usually take action when they realize that their HVAC duct is completely clogged and is affecting the normal functioning of the unit. The main function of HVAC ducts is to deliver and remove […]

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How to get Sinus Relief from Spring Allergies with a Bryant Air Purifier

Kennesaw Bryant Air Purifier Allergy season is upon us. While spring is a relief from the cold and dreary days of winter, the signs of spring that linger in the air that causes allergies to flare up are not. Tired of dealing with your seasonal allergies? Maybe it’s time to seek out sinus relief from spring allergies […]

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