Should You Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance?

Preventative HVAC Maintenance is Key

Do you ever get worried when it is time to turn on your air conditioning for the spring? Everyone dreads the potential need for a service call, or their old system breaking right when it’s needed. Rather than crossing your fingers, call D. McKeon Heating & Air, to service your system to ensure it turns on correctly and operates efficiently for the warm weather approaching. Maintenance checks are encouraged every six months as the seasons begin to change. At D. McKeon Heating & Air, we offer maintenance plans, or one-time maintenance checks to give our customers peace of mind with their HVAC system. New or old, your system needs a yearly checkup twice a year!

Joining a D. McKeon Maintenance Plan

Signing up for a maintenance plan with two services per year comes with many benefits. Checking the system before the heating and cooling season not only helps the system adjust, but the service calls include different types of inspections. Therefore, a twice-a-year plan ensures all parts of your system are maintained and inspected yearly, which limits the chances of an issue arising. Below are a few perks of being on a D. McKeon Heating & Air maintenance plan:

  • Guarantees two maintenance checks. We will remind you when your next visit is due and schedule the service around your busy schedule. Six-month checks mean your system is operating efficiently year-round.
  • Priority service to your home. If you are a maintenance customer and do develop a problem with your unit, we will prioritize your call and get out to your home as soon as possible. Not only does maintenance lessen the need for service, but if a problem does arise on the hottest day of the summer, you are at the top of our long list.
  • Discount on any parts that need to be replaced. Units are intended to last more than ten years, but usually, not all parts will last that long. Whenever your unit needs a part, maintenance customers get a percentage discount on the price of the part!

We know the value of maintenance, so we take good care of the customers who choose to maintain their system! It makes each year easier for them and us. No one wants a broken system, and we have the perfect way to prevent that.

Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

So, being a maintenance customer has its perks. What does the actual visit consist of? Our skilled technicians will inspect, clean, or monitor the following:

  • Gas pressure and pilot light
  • A/C cycles
  • Condensation drains
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Electrical connections
  • Safety devices
  • Indoor and outdoor coils
  • Temperature split
  • Additional parts
  • Condenser coil

Checking all these parts of the unit ensures efficient operation and safety as the system runs. HVAC systems are large and complex and should be taken care of for optimal health and safety of the home.

Additional Benefits of Cleaning the System

In addition to the D. McKeon Heating & Air’s maintenance plan benefits, performing maintenance on the system has long-term effects on the operation and lifetime of the system.

  • Lower power bills—with maintenance service, you are treating the system to work at an optimal level which means less energy consumed and more money saved. Maintenance is our first choice when customers complain of high-power bills. A clean and healthy system will always run better!
  • Lifetime expectancy—it has been proven that consistent maintenance on a system extends its lifetime by years. A whole new HVAC system is expensive, to say the least, and prolonging another system a few years can allow more time to save and prepare. Systems without maintenance always need more service calls, and the system will break suddenly. This usually comes as a surprise when customers are told they should replace it. Maintenance customers can have a better idea of how their system is operating and how long it should last them.
  • Reduced service calls—if we visit your home to check and clean the system, our professional technicians can predict future issues with any parts or refrigerant levels at that time. Potential issues can be fixed at that service, or the customer can become aware of it in case the system begins to show symptoms of a fault. This prevents repair calls in the middle of the summer for broken air conditioning. Keep your summer stress-free by maintaining your unit!

Local HVAC Maintenance Made Simple

Call D. McKeon Heating & Air today to schedule your visit, ask questions, or sign up for our maintenance plans! We want you to go into the summer confident your system will do the job.