Covid 19 and the Air Quality Inside Your Home

What’s The Air Quality In Your Home?

“SARS-CoV-2 viral particles spread between people more readily indoors than outdoors. Indoors, the concentration of viral particles is often higher than outdoors, where even a light wind can rapidly reduce concentrations. When indoors, ventilation mitigation strategies can help reduce viral particle concentration. The lower the concentration, the less likely viral particles can be inhaled into the lungs (potentially lowering the inhaled dose); contact eyes, nose, and mouth; or fall out of the air to accumulate on surfaces. Protective Ventilation Practices and interventions can reduce the airborne concentrations and reduce the overall viral dose to occupants”.

What do they mean by Protective Ventilation Practices?

In regards to a Building/Your Home, they are talking about bringing outside air into your homes indoor air. 
This is called Ventilation.

How does ventilation help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Ventilation basically is exchanging and mixing indoor and outdoor air throughout your home which reduces the concentration of viral particles.

Improving ventilation is an important COVID-19 prevention strategy that can reduce the number of viral particles in the air.

By bringing outside air into your home through a ventilation device, you are diluting or mixing it with the inside air. At the same time that you are bringing outside air into your home, you are exchanging the same amount of air from inside the home to the outside of the home through this ventilation device. This is keeping an even air balance inside your home and diluting/reducing the concentration of viral particles inside air at the same time.

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This information comes from the CDC website;