Solutions for “Hot Rooms” in Your Home

Hot Room Solutions

A lot of our customers call us about wanting solutions for their individual and unique heating and air conditioning issues or problems like “Hot Rooms In Their Home”.

How many of you have a Master Bedroom that just does not get cold enough to sleep comfortably in the summer months, or have rooms that you want to use and they don’t get cool enough in the summertime?

Examples of these Hot Rooms are:

  1. Master Bedrooms
  2. Great Rooms, and Great Rooms with High Ceilings
  3. Bonus Rooms
  4. Basements
  5. Florida Rooms

There are many solutions to tackle these issues.


  1. Duct System Alterations
  2. Manual Dampers
  3. Increase Equipment Size
  4. Zoning System Added to Existing HVAC System (Automatic Damper System)
  5. Ductless Mini Split
Our customers on the whole like the Ductless Mini Split option the best.

The Ductless Mini Split is a universal piece of equipment that can fit in small spaces, cools and heats small areas and large spaces, dehumidifies, and filters the air.

If you are having a problem cooling or heating a particular area in your house, we would be happy to come by and talk to you about a solution at no charge. Every house is different and every house has a different solution. Just call us today and schedule a time.

Dennis M McKeon,