Benefits of planned Heating Maintenance

planned Heating Maintenance –Kennesaw, GA

Labor Day is here and you have worked hard for your home. Therefore now is the time to protect your home and have your home, work for you. We are D. McKeon Heating and Air in Kennesaw, Georgia and we have a great deal going on this September with a planned Maintenance Plan. We are your Bryant factory authorized dealer. Because planned maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your comfort system and ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones in it, consider it today. Take a look below and find out how a planned maintenance plan would benefit you.

What is planned Heating Maintenance? –Kennesaw

planned Heating Maintenance is a tune up on your air conditioner and heating system. Therefore just like a car, in order for your air conditioner and heating system to run at peak performance it needs to have maintenance. Because after the hot humid summer is over its imperative to have, your comfort system cleaned. With planned maintenance, we will clean every major component or your air conditioner and heating system, validate the system start-ups, replace old filters, examine heat exchangers, lubricate motors, tightening all electrical connections, measure temperature difference and much more. This is all to extend the life of your system, have improved safety, and prepare your air conditioner and heating unit for the upcoming fall and winter season.

Benefits to planned Maintenance Plan –Kennesaw

There are many benefits to a planned Maintenance Plan from D. McKeon Heating and Air including:

• Two scheduled Maintenance visits per Year also…
• Lower Utility Bills
• Priority Customer Service
• Validate manufacturer warranties
• Improved Capacity
• Fewer Repairs
• Discounted Parts
• Extended Equipment Life

D. McKeon Heating and Air planned Maintenance Plan –Kennesaw, GA

At D. McKeon Heating and Air, we are dedicated to making your comfort our top priority. Therefore we follow the Energy Star Recommendations and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. In addition we are a Bryant dealer, our technicians are trained to maintain all makes and models of air conditioner and heating systems. Therefore with our Maintenance Plan, you will get peace of mind that your air conditioner and heating system will last for years to come with lower monthly utility bills and improved safety. In order for you to receive the D. McKeon promise, you must enroll in our Maintenance Plan today!

Contact us now and take advantage of this special September deal.