Benefits of a Dehumidifier System

Dehumidifier Systems – Kennesaw, GA

Hip Hip Hooray its Independence Day! As we celebrate our independence in the hot humid Kennesaw weather make sure that the humidity stays where it needs to be…Outside! Too much humidity in your home or office can ruin your property, create a musty smell and leave you feeling ill. At D. McKeon Heating and Air we have the perfect solution with a Bryant Evolution Dehumidifier system. A dehumidifier works by pulling the moisture from the air. Once heat begins to lose its ability to retain moisture the colder surface pulls and collects water from the air. A dehumidifier has many benefits take a look below and see just a few.

Benefits of Dehumidifier Systems – Kennesaw

The benefits for a dehumidifier far outweigh the cost.

• Prevent Mildew and Mold Growth: Condensation and high humidity encourage the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites. When mold and mildew is present in your home or office they create allergens that cause your body to react with sneezing, wheezing, coughing and skin irritation. Mildew and mold can also create an odor that can be detrimental to your mental health.

• Prevent Condensation: Excessive moisture in your house can cause your furniture, your fabrics, paintings, computers and upholstery to rot. It can also cause warping and rusting on hammers and other electronics. With a dehumidifier system you are protecting your property.

• Lower Energy Costs: A dehumidifier system removes the moisture from the air in turn it allows your air conditioning system to run more efficiently by removing this step and just allowing it to cool your home or office. Both the dehumidifier and air conditioning system work together to remove moisture from the air and keep your house of office cool, this means you will have lower energy costs.

D. McKeon Heating and Air Dehumidifier System Installation – Kennesaw

D. McKeon Heating and Air has been providing Kennesaw and the surrounding areas with exceptional service for over 30 years. We take pride in working with our customers to ensure that they get exactly what they need by having courteous knowledgeable installers and pairing them with reputable manufacturer products like Bryant. Our professional installers help recommend the right size, make and model of dehumidifying system that will fit your needs. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and always offer a “best”, “better” and “good” quote for a dehumidifier system. So take advantage this Fourth of July, celebrate your freedoms and your balanced humidity in your home or office. Call us today!