Portable Dehumidifier Recall – Fire Hazard

Portable Dehumidifier Fire Hazard – Recall

D. McKeon Heating & Air strongly believes in keeping our staff educated on current technology and what is going on in the HVAC world. Therefore learn more about the portable dehumidifier recall below.

Dehumidifier Recall

Portable Dehumidifier Safety Issues

D. McKeon’s staff was just at an educational seminar on Dehumidifiers, and therefore we couldn’t believe the major Fire & Safety Risk for the people who have Portable Dehumidifiers in their homes. Many of these portable Dehumidifiers were also purchased at the big box stores. All you do is put them in your house, basement, crawlspace, or also your living room and then plug them in.

What you probably don’t know is since 2013, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled over 6 Million Portable Dehumidifiers because they have caused hundreds of fires that resulted in millions of dollars in damage.

Free Safety Check – D. McKeon Heating & Air

It is easy to find out if you have a defective dehumidifier. All you have to do is:

  1.  Call D McKeon Heating & Air, we will come to your house at no charge for a free safety check of your portable dehumidifier.
  2. Or get the brand name and serial number of the data plate.
  3. Go to web site: https//www.recallrrr.com/dehumidifier
  4. Or call 1-866-853-2802

It’s very important to check your Portable Dehumidifier to see if it is on the recall list. Please do not hesitate to call D. McKeon Heating & Air Conditioning for help on this matter! Your safety is our concern.

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