My New Best Friend: My Wi-Fi Thermostat

“You won’t know what you’re missing until we have one.” My husband stated as he attempted to convince me that a Wi-Fi Thermostat needed to be in our future. For once he was right. I do not know how we lived without this small but powerful piece of technology. It’s changed our whole heating and cooling strategy. (as if we really had one). There’s a quality of life factor too that never even entered our minds when we made the switch. Let me share –

The Shoulder Season

The term “shoulder season” refers to the peak and off-peak season. Peak heating season is winter, while peak cooling season is summer. Spring and fall are more off-peak and the time periods when you’re not quite sure if you need heat, air conditioning; or nothing at all. It’s fair to say that usually what you need one day is the exact opposite of what you need the next! Sound familiar?!

Because we can access our Wi-Fi thermostat 24/7 from virtually anywhere using our smartphone, life has changed. We don’t have to live with the pre-programmed settings that turn everything on or off at a set time. We can override the settings on the spur of the moment to fit in with the day

The best example of this has been baseball practice. Our son, an avid Atlanta Braves wannabe at 9, practices at least two nights a week. There’s nothing like sitting on the edge of a baseball field in spring to bring to the forefront how cold it still is. While the old “us” used to simply wish we hadn’t turned the heat down last week, the new “us” whips out the smartphone, finds the Wi-Fi Thermostat App, and the heat is turned up. One press of an icon and a nice warm house to go back to.

Vacations Wi-Fi Thermostat

Traditionally we head to my parents for the week of July 4th. It’s pandemonium getting the three of us out of the house, packed and on our way. Inevitably, once we’ve been on the road half an hour or so, our minds start to wander and the question comes up “By the way, did you turn off the air conditioning?” Then the worst happens and you second-guess yourself. “I think I did”.

No more! Pull up the App, check and turn off if you need to. One week of cooling costs saved. This works even better on the return journey – the old “us” would be almost fearful of how hot our house would be after a week of no AC. The new “us” pulls up the App on the morning of our return, turns on the cool air and a good first night’s sleep is had by all.

Energy and Cost Savings

Overall we know we’ve saved at least 20% on our average heating and cooling costs, simply because we can make adjustments anywhere, anytime, as our schedules change. You don’t need to be a technical genius either to do this (my big fear since I can be a little ‘technically challenged’ at the best of times).

Be brave and contact us today. Wi-Fi is about more than just surfing the Internet! Call today!