Storm Damage? Check Your Outside HVAC Unit Right Away

Very few places are immune to storms. Georgia is sometimes a victim of Atlantic hurricanes, tornados and also large thunderstorms. We are your local choice for storm HVAC unit damage repair.

After a storm, clean up can be a pain, and some things get forgotten. Like, for example, checking your outside HVAC unit for damage, especially if it appears to be intact. Ideally, you would have checked on your unit before a storm and hail guards if you had any. If high winds are expected, consider putting sandbags around your unit for extra protection. Turn your unit off during the storm to protect it from power surges.

HVAC Unit Repair

Your unit should be checked if you experienced high winds, excessive hail or a power outage. Hail damage is often obvious, taking the form of dents on the outer case and fins. High winds can cause similar damage. Damaged fins will increase your cooling costs. It will do so for the rest of the life of the unit. Therefore they should be repaired right away. If you lose power, especially if it was unexpected and you were not able to turn off and unplug the unit, then it should be inspected for hidden damage. Lightning can also cause damage. Although it is less likely to affect a typical residential HVAC unit than rooftop commercial ones.

If your HVAC unit was, at any point, completely submerged in water, do not turn it on and call us at D. McKeon and we will send out a HVAC specialist right away as there is likely to be serious damage. Do not restart your unit until you are confident it has not been damaged, as doing so can worsen any damage and may make the difference between a simple repair and an expensive replacement.

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If you are have found damage to your HVAC unit after a storm, or are in any doubt about its condition, then you should contact our HVAC professionals at D. McKeon Heating & Air to get a full inspection done. Call today!