Average Life of an Air Conditioner

Average Life

An efficient air conditioner system is highly essential to the general comfort of a home. Installing a new home air conditioner system gives you extra consistent temperature control, improved and better indoor air quality as well as reduces utility bills to several home owners. Whether you are installing a new air conditioning system or replacing existing ones, proper installation by certified firms of this equipment is very essential to getting the best performance.

In order for homes, business owners or facilities managers to take smart, cost-effective decisions on exactly what air conditioning equipment to outfit their own buildings, they require access to the detailed information on life expectancy of the system components. This kind of data could vary.  It is often based on the make, model, type and year the equipment were manufactured. Generally the lifespan of normal air conditioning equipment is dependent mainly on a few number of factors. Those factors include:

· Size of the general unit in regards mainly to the square area footage of a building
· Size of the general unit in regards to size of a ductwork
· Regularity of the preventative maintenance
· Regularity of the filter changes
· Weather and climatic conditions
· Intensity of use
· Quality of installation
· System component’s age span in regards to its compatibility

This last point gets lifespan tricky to easily estimate especially when components were installed initially at different time periods. The method of replacing the whole system may cost extra upfront, but the general return is generous. If all equipment are of the same age, an entire system is even more reliable and efficient, and one has to worry less on unexpected repair costs or equipment replacements.

Here is a table estimating the average lifespan (years) of air conditioning components:

· Central Air Conditioning: 15
· Air Compressor: 15
· Rooftop Air Conditioning: 15
· Heat Pump: 15
· Boilers: 30
· Furnaces (Oil or Gas): 18
· Unit Heaters (Electric or Gas): 13
· Electric Water Heater: 14
· Gas Water Heater: 11-13

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