SEER Rating – Kennesaw, GA

Heating Air SEER Rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

In the south, air-conditioners are used quite a bit since the south is known for its pervading heat. Kennesaw, GA is no different but the SEER ratings in this area are a bit different. If your present air conditioner is leaking coolant or you are paying too much for Freon, then it’s time to get a new system. Learn more about a heating and air SEER rating below.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. In Kennesaw, Georgia, the SEER rating is a minimum of 14. The government ratings have a minimum of 13 but Kennesaw sets it goal a little bit higher. The SEER ratings nationwide go up into the mid-20’s. Granted you will have to pay more for the higher SEER rating but in the long run everything will work out because the higher rating means more savings on bills.

Heating and Air SEER Rating

Don’t forget that if your SEER rating is lower on the air conditioning unit already installed, it may be time to find a new one. But don’t forget about the Energy Star rating as well. The energy efficiency of your newer unit should be about 25 percent higher than your old one, as well as have a minimum of a 14 SEER rating. Kennesaw, Georgia can be very hot, as it is in the south, so picking out the right unit has everything to do with these two ratings.

The lure of the savings every month on your electric bills is often what brings in the business for HVAC businesses. These businesses can do a mighty job in the south working on new customers older HVAC system trying to make them more energy efficient or installing newer ones since that is where the savings are. Your HVAC person who is working on a new installation can let you know how high your SEER rating is as well as the Energy Star efficiency.

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