Enjoy Better Health With A Bryant Preferred Series Air Purifier

What are the details and opinions on home air purifiers? Are they worth the investment? Are you interested in protecting health; and avoiding costly trips to the doctor during cold and flu season? Then you want an air purifier installed on your home’s HVAC system. A professional at D. McKeon Heating & Air knows their indoor air quality industry. We appreciate the innovative technology of Bryant’s Preferred Series Air Purifier. Even if you only have a tiny space to work with for adding an air purifier, the compact design of Bryant’s PGAP model can get your home effective protection against airborne pathogens. We are your local choice for a Bryant Preferred Series Air purifier in Kennesaw, GA, and also the surrounding areas.

Bryant Preferred Series Air Purifier

Patented Protection: The smooth, silent operation of this air purifier is also deadly to bacteria. It helps control fungus and viruses. It captures up to 75% of airborne particles as small as .30 microns. 96% of the germs, fungus and mold it captures are destroyed. Families protecting their homes with this air purifier will see fewer cases of influenza, common cold and strep throat. You will also save money on maintenance for your HVAC equipment because it will be cycling cleaner air.

Doctor Recommended: The medical professionals with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend the use of air purifiers as part of healthy living, a measure to prevent allergic respiratory diseases. The most important room in the home to purify is where you sleep. However, when you install the filter on your home’s HVAC System, it will benefit the entire home.  Indoor air has all sorts of airborne particles. These are created by pets, foot traffic, insects, mold, and also pests such as mice. There are also any number of organic compounds that are in varied states of decomposition, such as house plants.

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