Comparing Furnace Models: The Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Benefits

At D. McKeon Heating & Air, we like to help our customers better understand the products that they’re considering. With winter around the corner, many people’s thoughts are turning to furnaces. Today, we’re going to help you understand some of the finer points of the Bryant line of home heating solutions. We are your local choice for a Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace in Kennesaw, and also the surrounding areas.

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Benefits

Legacy™ Line 912S gas furnace

The Legacy™ Line is Bryant’s most economical line of furnaces. While still providing a quality home-heating experience; the Legacy Line includes a few features that we think sets it apart from the average furnace. The 912S model is capable of up to 92.1% AFUE rating. Which is a real money saver. The cabinet’s insulation allows it to run much more quietly in your home than most older models.

Preferred™ Series 925S gas furnace

The Preferred™ Series is Bryant’s middle-tier of furnaces. They feature the same noise-dampening insulation as the Legacy™ line, with a few extras. The 925S model has an exceptional 96.2% AFUE rating. It’s multi-speed blower is even capable of helping to control summertime humidity. A real problem during those muggy Georgia evenings in July and August. This model is also able to be paired with a heat pump for maximum efficiency. It’s key feature is its two-stage operation, which allows for a high stage and a low stage of heating, providing a quieter furnace operation when on its low stage.

Evolution® System Variable-Speed 987M gas furnace

The Evolution® System is Bryant’s top line in terms of features and efficiency. The 987M model has an astonishing 98.3% AFUE rating, making it Bryant’s most energy-efficient model. Like the Preferred™ Series, the Evolution® System also has humidity control, heat pump compatibility and sound-reduction, but also includes a number of other benefits. The gas valve on the 987M model is modulating, which means that the furnace is constantly adjusting between 35% and 100% of its heating capacity to maintain even heat (within half a degree of the thermostat setting) at the highest possible efficiency. This also eliminates the constant on/off cycling of a standard furnace, meaning an even quieter operation than a two-stage, since the system is rarely running at full capacity and it never has to switch on.

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace Experts

While we think that any Bryant furnace would be a fine addition to your home, at D. McKeon Heating & Air we feel that the Evolution® System Gas Furnace is truly the best choice for quiet, comfort, and energy efficiency. To learn more about having a Bryan Evolution® System installed into your home, or to learn more about our heating and cooling services, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. Call today!