The Power of EZ Flex Air Filter

Indoor EZ Flex Air Filter Kennesaw GA

Whether at work or home, if you suffer from allergies, you need an air filtration system that can keep you living at your peak. And if you want a quality, well-maintained HVAC system, you need the right filter to keep your equipment in good working order. If you haven’t found the perfect filter yet, you might consider adding the EZ Flex Air Filter to your HVAC system.

If you live in Kennesaw, or the central Georgia area in general, you know how serious our pollen issues become in the fall. Hay fever, asthma attacks, and sinus infections are all part and parcel of living around here with allergy problems. Depending on the severity of their allergies, some people need to spend more time than they’d like indoors in order to avoid the worst of the effects. That’s unfortunate, but far worse is winding up in a situation where even the indoors are no longer sufficient protection because the HVAC coil becomes dirty sooner than expected. And the problem extends to employers when their employees can’t function well, or call in sick, because work is no respite from these issues.

EZ Flex Air Filter

That’s why we recommend the EZ Flex filter. With a MERV 10 rating, it captures nearly two-thirds (up to 65%) of particles all the way down to a single micron in size, the kind that sneak through lesser filters and regularly foul up HVAC systems. It’s the type of filter that can keep your system running smoothly for longer, saving you money on maintenance and letting you breathe easy.

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