Reasons to take advantage of the tax credit for heat pumps

Heat Pump Tax Credits 2016

Federal tax credits for heat pumps is available on the qualifying, high efficiency heating pumps and also the maximum amount that you can receive in the federal tax credits for installing the qualifying products is $500. You are also eligible for heat pump tax credits if you have purchased a high efficiency heat pump last year or in 2016.

Heat Pump Tax Credits

Therefore the three reasons why you should take advantage of the 2016 tax credit for heat pumps:

  1. Save money
    • Tax credit on the purchase of heat pumps also help you to save a considerable amount of money. You can get up to $500 as tax credit on the purchase of the qualifying heat pumps.
  2. Save energy
    • The installation of energy efficient heat pumps helps you to save energy. These heat pumps consume less amount of energy in your home thereby reducing the energy costs.
  3. Protect the environment
    • Getting tax credit for heat pumps also helps to protect the environment as these pumps has been especially designed for being energy efficient as you can use natural energy as it does not have carbon footprint and it does not have adverse effect on the environment.

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