The Importance of a Proper Freon Charge

Freon Charge is important to your air conditioner

People rely very much on their air conditioners during the summer months and the late spring. The air conditioner operates using a certain chemical which circulates through the compressor and coils. The chemical is called a refrigerant or Freon charge.

Freon Charge

In order to function properly, the air conditioner needs to have the right amount of refrigerant. This is also known as Freon charge, at all times.

And why is that so? It is because the Freon charge is chemically designed in such a way that it will produce significant fluctuations in temperature. It also causesphase changes when in different pressurized conditions. The compressor, which is essentially the engine of the air conditioner; pressurizes the refrigerant, forcing it to circulate through the coils.

The refrigerant will move through the evaporator in a cool, liquid state. It then mixes with the warm air that is blown in from the inside of the home by the blower motor. The interaction of the cool refrigerant with warm air from the inside of the home makes the refrigerant to evaporate.

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When the refrigerant evaporates, it turns into a gaseous state. The compressorIt takes the gaseous refrigerant and heat it up further so that when the refrigerant will be circulating through the condenser coils, it will dissipate thermal energy to the air outside. And the cycle will keep repeating itself. And that is how the air conditioner will fight the sweltering summer temperatures.

However, this will not be if the Freon charge level is not proper. While the air conditioner does not use up the refrigerant during the cooling process, there are other problems that could account for a low refrigerant. For example, the system can develop leaks over time. A little pinhole puncture is enough to leak the refrigerant to the outside air.

Therefore, it is always important for the air conditioner to have a proper Freon charge, for among other things, an improperly charged air conditioner cannot dehumidify the air well, and will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. Call today!

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