Bryant Air Conditioning System

Bryant Air Conditioner Systems

Want to know more about Bryant air conditioner Systems?  You should investigate the differences between the Evolution Series and the Legacy Line of the Bryant AC Systems. Choosing air conditioning units can be a tough job. There can be a lack of technical knowledge. All that technical jargon can be the main reason behind the confusion in decisions. Things would be much easier to understand with a comparison between the Bryant Evolution Series and also the Bryant Legacy Line. Their respective features are explained in a simplified way.

Some of the Main Features are:

  1. Cooling Capacity
    • The Evolution Series has a much higher cooling capacity (up to 20 SEER). As compared to the Legacy Line (up to 14 SEER), making the former a faster cooling machine.
  2. Noise
    • The noise produced by the Evolution Series (up to 70 dB) is lower than that produced by the Legacy Line (up to 74 dB). Again making the former the more silent between the two (in spite of the fact that it cools faster).
  3. Compressor Type
    • A crucial feature of any air conditioner is its compressor, and the Evolution Series beats the Legacy Line by a great margin in this field. Most of the Evolution series models have two-stage compressors, one model has compressors with variable speed settings, while only one model has single-stage compressors. Whereas, all models of the Legacy Line consist only of single-stage compressors. This means that the Evolution Series is designed to save more power as well as to cool more efficiently.
  4. Miscellaneous Features:
    • Some other features of the Evolution Series that are NOT PRESENT in the Legacy Line are: superior control of humidity, improved quality of air in the indoors, Evolution Connex, and AeroQuiet System II features.
  5.  Installation Eligibility:
    • The installation eligibility of some Legacy Line models in some regions depend on the minimum efficiency standards set by the Department of Energy.

AC Systems – Bryant

Therefore, it is pretty clear from the above comparison which series is the superior of the two Bryant AC Systems. Yet, finally it depends on factors like the effective area to be cooled, particular requirements of a household, allotted budget, and so on.

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