HVAC- Energy Savings Advice

Energy Savings Benefits

HVAC prices can sometimes stress homeowners but the fact is that dollar for dollar there is not a better or more important investment you can make in your home.  Energy saving benefits is a given! That’s because your heating and air conditioning system isn’t just about making the climate more pleasant, it can also improve air quality, helping to make the air you breathe healthier.

The acronym HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and those are the three main environmental needs of any home. But a comprehensive HVAC system can also include air filtration, humidifying and other functions that serve to rid the circulated air of common pollutants and make it fresher. That’s why home heating and air conditioning systems can be so very important.

There are two basic forms of heating and air conditioning system, central and localized. Central uses one main unit and circulates the air from that location throughout the house with a series of ductwork. A localized system, such as a window air conditioner or stand-alone heater, is focused in one particular room and regulates the air flow in that location alone.

HVAC Services – Energy Saving Benefits

Pollen, dust mites, skin flakes, cigarette smoke and other air pollutants can be present without our even being aware of them. They can cause a great deal of damage. Many allergies and illnesses are caused or exacerbated by airborne irritants. A good home heating and air conditioning system can help to minimize
these pollutants and improve air quality.

Air filters block out pollutants such as smoke and pollen. Humidifiers keep the air from becoming too dry, which can also be bad for your health. Of course, air that is too moist can carry its own set of problems, most notably the growth of mold. In order to fight this, your HVAC system can be equipped with UV lamps to help inhibit mold production.

Despite the importance of a good quality HVAC system; most people are hesitant to spend the money to have it installed. Ductwork is the main culprit in driving costs up. But if you have existing ductwork for your home’s heating system; it is possible to use that for air conditioning as well. That can help to keep costs much more manageable.

Quality AC Services

In general, HVAC new system prices range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000. Depending on how extensive the system is and whether there is existing ductwork or ductwork must be created. But considering the potential cost to the health of you and your family, it is an investment well worth making.

You can’t afford to take chances with your health, so why not do everything you can to ensure that the environment in your home is both temperate and pollutant free? Your whole family will feel the difference when you’re all able to breathe easier.

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