Answers to Indoor Air Quality Issues

Indoor Air Quality – Kennesaw

As the fall season approaches us here in Kennesaw, we often get calls from our customers about their allergy issues. Now, is an important time to talk about indoor air quality. Fall is the time ragweed, black bent grass and ragwort make their presence known. As well as other tree pollens that aggravate Asthma suffers. We are your local choice for indoor air quality in Kennesaw, GA. Call us for your appointment today.

Indoor Air Quality Kennesaw, GA

High efficiency air filtration on your HVAC systems allows the home/business owner to manage these and other pollutants to provide a safe haven for their family and customers.

Moisture is another issue with most homeowners that have underground basements and crawl spaces. This is where mold and mildew thrive in the dark damp environment. Whole house de-humidification in combination with ultra-violet lights and also high efficiency filtration provide relief from these and many more unpleasant irritants. These also include flu viruses and bacteria.

Kennesaw IAQ Experts – D. McKeon Heating and Air

Contact D. McKeon Heating and Air at 770-425-8779 for a comprehensive inspection of your home by our “National Building Institute” certified comfort advisor for answers to these and many other questions about your home. Call today! We are your local heating and air repair, installation and maintenance service choice. Trust our experienced and also highly qualified team to serve you and your family.