Remedies to Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air Conditioning Problems and AC Solutions Kennesaw GA

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Homeowners can check these 5 items before calling for service.

1. Check or replace filters. – Lots of times a dirty filter is the cause of a system operation issue [due to airflow restriction].

2. Check batteries in Thermostat. – Most new Thermostats have batteries that need replacement, much like your smoke alarms.

3. Condensate drains. – If your system is in an attic, your emergency safety switch may have shut the system down. Check the emergency pan for water. Call for service.  For basement locations a condensate removal pump is used to remove the water. Is the pump full of water? Call for service.

4. Check the Electrical panel to see if the breaker is tripped. Some units also have breakers at the A/C unit in the power disconnect box.

5. Check the power supply to the furnace. Did the breaker trip? Is the switch on at the furnace [looks like standard light switch]? Does the furnace fan operate?

Air Conditioning Problems and AC Solutions Experts Kennesaw

Most A/C related problems are relatively simple to fix, by checking the five items above the Homeowner can often save themselves the inconvenience of not being cool and a service call.  

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Try the above simple fixes and if your system still won’t come on or isn’t cooling well, give your “2013 Contractor of the year” D.McKeon Heating and Air and “Your Community Air Conditioning Company since 1986” a call at 770-425-8779 or visit us online at Call today!